Monday, May 29, 2017
Why Choose Aion LED

Aion LED is focused on one type of technology and does it well. Aion LED lighting solutions are engineered with an acute attention to detail.  Aion LED is driven to continue leading the pack with the evolution of its designs in a growing market.  

A new LED lighting system is an investment and should provide outstanding results to last the course of its lifespan.  Aion LED installations have been known to consistently pass electrical inspections across the USA, providing peace of mind for system owners, resellers, and designers. 

Aion LED and its global network of engineers, developers, and consultants have set industry trends, defining the latest evolution of LED lighting. Aion LED installation and fixture accessories are unparalleled in performance and value. Due to the wide array of lighting applications and finish materials to be illuminated, Aion LED is proud to offer many color temperature options (in white). All of which are stringently tested via LM79 & LM80 3rd party testing for high color rendering and consistency. Aion LED has achieved 97CRI and Kelvin temps down to 2150K, with dimming to 0.1% (select models).  

Aion LED's Patented A-Track Modular Fixture System creates an elegant custom fixture with seamless joints up to 30 feet long per circuit (NEC Article 725). Custom fabrication is available in single inch increments.  A-Track is accompanied by a complete line of accessories including: advanced diffuser lens options, aircraft aluminum end caps, and optional stainless steel conduit, junction box adapters, and fittings. 

Aion LED's latest proprietary diffuser lens was developed for maximum light output with maximum mitigation of lamp image (pixelation). In addition to the popular frosted and clear options, Aion LED boasts a 92% transmission value for it's exclusive prismatic lens. Users no longer need to sacrifice light output to accomplish outstanding diffusion.

Aion LED products are specifically designed, engineered, and tested to be compatible with many popular high-end control systems and switches.

Aion LED's 3024 & 4024 Series WR type Linear Fixture is outdoor rated (IP67) and is custom made by AIon LED for an exact fit. The highest grade, brand-name LEDs are selected to ensure quality and consistency.  Circuit boards, coatings, connectors, and other components are designed and tested in-house to include advanced features, improved functionality, improved heat dissipation, and safety ratings. 

Aion LED's DC-Series Premium LED Drivers are a breakthrough in technology featuring Pure DC MOSFET circuitry and regulation with no minimum load and 10% derating. DC-Series provides very good performance with many 2 wire MLV dimmers and controls.  The DC-Series is UL Listed for use outdoors.

Aion LED also offers UL and Title 24 approved color tuning products as well as additional single colors in red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. Aion LED CT-Series Dynamic White features "Dim to Glow" technology from 2950K to 2150K @ 0.1%, 94CRI.  In addition to stunning pastels and circadian colors, Aion LED RGBW+ fixtures produce high rendering white light from 2150K to 3500K. 

Aion LED will provide warm and inviting light to your home or business for many years, even decades to come.  Add world-class system design, engineering, and the over-the-top support that the Aion LED brand is known for, and you have a package that can not be matched.

*5 years warranty on Aion LED Strip Light against manufacturing defects only. Covers Aion LED parts only. Must be purchased new, as a complete system, and installed per Aion LED guidelines by a licensed electrician. (See Warranty)

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