Monday, May 29, 2017


Finally, the performance one would expect from a 21st century light fixture. Aion LED is pleased to introduce Zero Dim™. Zero Dim™ represents the cutting edge of linear LED technology, revolutionizing dimming as we know it.

Zero Dim™ is smooth, flicker-free dimming to the lowest possible level. With new and improved circuitry, it is now possible to dim all the way down to 0.1% (or as low as the controls will allow) with 100% stability.

Zero Dim™ products feature robust circuitry that will protect your investment from harmful current and heat fluctuations ensuring long-lasting performance. Onboard line conditioning was developed for less than optimal power conditions such as rural settings and old grids.

Zero Dim Approved Devices

DC Blue Series MLV driver family
D100-X1 DMX/ DALI driver

All Aion LED A-Track™ fixtures
All Aion LED WR-Type fixtures

All Light Fixtures Employ
Aion LED Smart Chip Technology

Ensures Dimming to the Lowest Levels 
Light Fixtures Run Cooler, Last Longer and are Thermal & Current Regulated 

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