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High Efficacy Exterior Rated Linear Fixture System

0.1% Dimming 2 Step MacAdam 95+ CRI Aion LED Color Guarantee R9>80+ IP66 Rubber Ducky

Custom Length

Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and endless customizable options

Fully Assembled

Up to 8 ft.

Fabricated with high quality American aluminum and premium UV stable optics


Narrow Profile Housing
Width: 0.72" (18.29mm)
Height with Mounting Clip: 0.8" (20.32mm)
Height without Mounting Clip: 0.65" (16.51mm)

Max Length: 8 ft. (96 in)

Custom Made to Fit

Each job is unique and requires a unique set of lighting fixtures. Aion LED custom linear fixtures are made to the inch, or fraction of an inch as specified

Aion LED Color Guarantee™

Color will always match when shipped and re-ordering, without visual variance; without exception + 5 Year standard warranty against defect.

Made in the USA

Fixture manufacturing takes place at our factory in California to ensure product quality and quick shipping. Our aluminum is extruded in California. Our lens is extruded in America to make sure there will be no yellowing from UV nor purple and pink batches/ variation.

WT402 Compatibility

Visit our System Builder for all Product Compatibilities | Download WT402 Spec Sheet | Find a Representative

Light Engines

* Direct view (Visible) | Indirect view

9524-FR Ultra High Output Rigid Luminaire * †
9524-FR Spec Sheet

6524-LE High Output Light Engine* †
6524-LE Spec Sheet

4000-LE Mid Output Light Engine * †
Single Color LE Spec Sheet
3000-LE Standard Output Light Engine
Single Color LE Spec Sheet


MLV DC Blue Series
DC Blue Spec Sheet

0-10V Z2 Blue
Z2 Blue Spec Sheet

DMX D100-X1
X Series Spec Sheet

Non Dimming M Series
M Series Spec Sheet

Lutron A Series
A Series Spec Sheet


AX5-1 Spec Sheet

3rd Party Controls

MLV DC Blue Series
3rd Party Dimmer List

Lutron A Series
Supported Dimmer List