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90 CRI White

Colored LEDs are utilized to produce any color including full-spectrum white from Candle Light™ to daylight white 5500K


Millions of bold and striking colors, circadian affected colors and soft pastels can be produced

Zero Dim

RGBW+™ dims to 0.1% with smooth, flicker-free performance of Zero Dim™

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Dynamic colors are user defined -
The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

4 Channel High Output
5.8W/ft. Discrete LEDs: Red, Green, Blue & 94 CRI White


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Dynamic Color Tuning Light Engine

8924-RGBW-LE Spec Sheet


* Direct view (Visible) | Indirect view

AT801 Standard
Standard Spec Sheet

AT802 Deep * †
Deep Spec Sheet

AT845 45° Asymmetric
45° Asymmetric Spec Sheet

SkyTrack Linear Pendant
SkyTrack Spec Sheet

WT801 Wet Rated Standard
Wet Rated Standard Spec Sheet

WT802 Wet Rated Deep * †
Wet Rated Deep Spec Sheet

8924-RGBW-WR Flexible Linear
8924-RGBW-WR Spec Sheet


Driver D100-X4
X Series Spec Sheet

Controller AX5-4
AX5-4 Spec Sheet


DTM Dynamic Tuner Module + iOS app