9000 Series FR

Ultra Bright Rigid Luminaire

No Solder, No Problem- A-Cord™ Poke-In Connector System Break to Fit- Patent Pending Frangible Break-Away Circuit Board

0.1% Dimming 2 Step MacAdam 95+ CRI Aion LED Color Guarantee R9>80+ Field Configurable

Ultra Bright

Up to 1,100 Lumens /ft.*

Break to Fit

Patent Pending Frangible Break-Away Circuit Board

No Solder, No Problem

A-Cord™ Poke-In Connector System


12W /ft.*
Up to 1,100 Lumens /ft.*
Available in 12” & 48”
connectable end to end

Minimum Increment: 4”
50,000 hours Rated Lifetime

9524-FR Compatibility

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* Direct View (Visible) | Indirect View

AT401 Narrow, Shallow * †
Narrow, Shallow Spec Sheet

AT402 Narrow * †
Narrow Spec Sheet

AT801 Standard
Standard Spec Sheet

AT802 Deep * †
Deep Spec Sheet

AT845 45° Asymmetric
45° Asymmetric Spec Sheet

AT402-G Grazer * †
Grazer Spec Sheet

SkyTrack Linear Pendant
SkyTrack Spec Sheet

WT402 Wet Rated Narrow * †
Wet Rated Narrow Spec Sheet

WT801 Wet Rated Standard
Wet Rated Standard Spec Sheet

WT802 Wet Rated Deep * †
Wet Rated Deep Spec Sheet


MLV DC Blue Series
DC Blue Spec Sheet

0-10V Z2 Blue
Z2 Blue Spec Sheet

DMX D100-X1
X Series Spec Sheet

Non Dimming M Series
M Series Spec Sheet

Lutron A Series
A Series Spec Sheet A Series Spec Sheet


AX5-1 Spec Sheet

3rd Party Controls

MLV DC Blue Series
3rd Party Dimmer List