Dim to Glow™ utilizes Aion LED Dynamic White™
to dim to a warm relaxing glow similar to a traditional incandescent


95+ CRI White

Patented dimming performance featuring proprietary diodes and onboard regulation as standard.

Zero Dim™

Dim to Glow™ dims to 0.1% with smooth, flicker-free performance of Zero Dim™

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Dim to Glow™ dims from a warm and inviting white all the way down to Candle Light™


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Warm Dimming Light Engine

8924-CT3022-LE Spec Sheet


* Direct view (Visible) | Indirect view

AT801 Standard
Standard Spec Sheet

AT802 Deep * †
Deep Spec Sheet

AT845 45° Asymmetric
45° Asymmetric Spec Sheet

SkyTrack Linear Pendant
SkyTrack Spec Sheet

WT801 Wet Rated Standard
Wet Rated Standard Spec Sheet

WT802 Wet Rated Deep * †
Wet Rated Deep Spec Sheet

8924-CT3022-WR Flexible Linear
8924-CT3022-WR Spec Sheet


Driver D100-X2
X Series Spec Sheet

Controller AX5-2
AX5-2 Spec Sheet


DTM Dynamic Tuner Module + iOS app
DTM Spec Sheet